Package pricing and payment information


Package pricing details

Our tour packages with per-person prices are shown above. The four-night packages include the nights of December 29, 30, 31 and January 1, departing January 2. The three-night packages include the nights of December 29, 30, and 31, departing January 1 after the Rose Parade. The term "occupant" is defined as a marcher or a non-marcher age 10 and older (not including children age 3-9). Count up the number of people staying in your room that are buying marcher or non-marcher packages (any combination of marchers and non-marchers). That total is the number of room occupants and determines the type of rooming package to select.

Important notes: 

UPDATE: Please note that all package prices (marcher and non-marcher) have been decreased by $100 from the original pricing to remove the credit card fee. If you do pay by credit card, however, a 3% fee will be added (which is always less than $100, so you are still saving money). Direct bank transfers or personal checks incur no fees.

• A $200 non-refundable deposit will be due shortly after your application is accepted. See Payment schedule below for the payment balance information. 

• Package prices do not include transportation costs to or from California. 

• Because of the transportation logistics involved in getting marchers to all events in a timely manner, all packages include hotel accommodations. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer local commuting trip packages.

• A portion of the marcher's trip fee helps pay for the entry's float construction and operation.

• For specific questions on the packages or deposits, you may use the form at the bottom of the Home page.

To see what's included in the trip packages, click here.

Payment schedule

Accepted and confirmed marchers will need to remit a $200 deposit using either our e-commerce site or the registration site of our tour operator Grueninger Music Tours (GMT). The balance of your payments will be submitted to the GMT registration site. GMT will then notify you directly of your remaining payment amounts based on your selected tour package. Your acceptance email will explain how to confirm your participation, how to pay your deposit and will direct you to the registration site.

Our payment schedule is:

• A $200 deposit is due within 14 days of your acceptance notification

• A $1000 payment will be due within 45 days of your acceptance notification

• The final balance will be due on October 15, 2020