Financial support

The package prices for the Saluting America's Band Directors project were set to provide an amazing and unforgettable experience to the band directors who come from all over the country to march in the historic Rose Parade. The fees cover the marchers' lodging, several meals, all ground transportation and airport transfers, the Bandfest performance, tours, the accompanying float, the New Years Eve banquet as well as several other items. We believe that the pricing is a great value for this unprecedented experience but also understand that the cost may be a challenge for many band directors. Therefore, we'd like to provide some suggestions for directors to consider to raise the funds necessary for the trip.

Approach your administration/principal/dean/leadership

Several school districts and organizations are underwriting part or the total cost of the trip for their band directors as a way to recognize and reward their service. Having their band director participate in the Rose Parade is a moment of pride for these organizations. There will be continuing education opportunities to earn and a way to network with other band directors. See this page and downloadable flyer to give to your administration: Send your band director to march.

Work with your band booster organization

Your band boosters can be a great resource for helping you to get to Pasadena. Just a few fundraisers, bake sales and car washes can very quickly raise funds for your trip. Again, Send your band director to march.

Create a GoFundMe campaign

Several band directors are finding success raising money with a GoFundMe campaign. Create the campaign and place its link on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Here are some sample links to active campaigns:

Use your band's alumni Facebook page

If your band has an alumni website or Facebook page, post your story there and ask for assistance.

Speak with your local newspaper

Community and local newspapers are always looking for great human interest stories. Your's can be one of those stories! Here are some examples:

Below is a Word template of a news release you are welcome to use to email your acceptance news to your local paper. Just fill in the blanks [bracketed red type] pertaining to you.

We suggest several ways to raise funds for your trip to Pasadena!

Band director news release template (docx)